We would like you to meet Mary.

Mary works as a PSW and attends the Saint Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Educations Centre in her community. She has been working on improving her communication, math, and technology skills. She has been working with Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) and her onsite for a number of years to meet her goals. She recently re-enrolled with GLA in September 2020 as her centre has been closed due to CoVID-19. 

Mary has had her challenges with accessing her courses and progressing in them as she juggles many responsibilities in her life. In the beginning, she struggled with just the steps of logging in to her online courses. Mary’s GLA mentor, Michelle, worked with her to focus her and break this down into smaller manageable pieces by focusing on one course at a time. Michelle was very excited to share with us that Mary has no issues logging in now and can even unlock mastery tests on her own!! 

Her onsite practitioner shared this with us: 

Mary works very hard to learn English and Math. She does her schoolwork in between working as a PSW and raising children of various ages, one of who has special needs. Due to COVID circumstances, she hasn’t been in the class but prior to that, her attendance was exemplary. When Mary is not at work or busy with her kids, she dedicates her time to her schooling so she can achieve her educational goal.

Mary has been very devoted to her courses lately and completed another course recently to make a total of 2 courses this term!

We all believe Mary deserves to be Learner of the Month because she has shown such improvement and dedication to meet her learning goals with the support of Good Learning Anywhere and Saint Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Educations Centre.