Goal-Setting Worksheet

When learners sign up with GLA, they often have goals in mind. Here are a few examples.

I want to…

  • count money and make change

  • fill out forms

  • talk with people I don’t know more easily

  • be more organized with my time

  • read messages and notes

  • write sentences and paragraphs

  • find information in a newspaper, magazine or textbook

  • make appointments

  • read a map

  • take telephone messages

  • read cooking instructions

  • send emails

  • find things on the Internet

What do you want to learn to do? This is what you can be sharing with your online mentor.


When you set a goal, you want to make sure that it is a SMART goal. This is what SMART means:

Specific – clearly identified

Measurable – one where you can see progress being made.

Achievable – The goal should be reached successfully. Can it be?

Realistic – The goal should make sense for YOU at this time. Is it practical and sensible?

Time-defined – a date when you think you can reach your goal.

At Good Learning Anywhere, we want to help you make SMARTER goals.  There are 2 more letters in this acronym.

Enthusiasm – a goal that is exciting to for you to accomplish is likely more achievable. Why is it exciting for you? Why do you want to achieve it?

Reward – what is your reward for completing this goal?

Making SMARTER goals gives us the best opportunity to achieve them. Please contact your online mentor if you need assistance in setting your goals.