Why Online Learning?

Online courses are a great way to build the skills you need to reach your goals. Those goals can include:

  • Finishing high school
  • Attending college
  • Starting a business
  • Getting a job that you love
  • Supporting your family
  • Gaining or improving computer skills
  • Achieving more independence (for example, doing your banking and filling out forms)

Not sure how to identify or reach your goals? Need help deciding on your next steps? Our online mentors can help!

How Do I Take an Online Course Through GLA?

You will need:

Access to a computer

High-speed Internet

A Headset/speaker and a microphone

An email address

If you do not have high-speed internet at home, you have options.

Click here to find a Contact North online learning centre in your community.

Click here to find a public library in your community.

For instructions on how to set up an email address, click here.

Step 1:

Set Your Learning Goals

Step 2:

Find Courses

Step 3:

Register for the Course(s) you need

Want to Finish High School and Earn Your
Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

There are many ways to get credits towards your Grade 12 OSSD. There are many organizations that offer credit courses and credits for prior learning. If you are a mature student, you may be able to receive Maturity or Prior Learning credits depending on when you first entered secondary school.

GLA can also help you prepare for the following Grade 12 equivalency programs

Mature Student Assessment

For entrance into some college programs, a Mature Student Assessment can be written. You do not need to have a high school diploma or GED to write this.

Next steps: Contact the college directly for more information.

ACE Certification

The Academic and Carrer Entrance (ACE) Certificate is accepted as OSSD (Grade 12) equivalent by Ontario’s community colleges and the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities (MTCU).

Next Steps: Visit the Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Distance Delivery website – https://www.acedistancedelivery.ca. Classes are available online for a fee or free of charge at all 24 colleges across Ontario.


The GED is for adults who do not have their Grade 12 diploma. People who take and pass the test earn an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

The GED test is a set of five tests: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Important Notice: The Canadian GED Exam Series is ending on May 3, 2024. This means any progress you make toward your GED (High School Equivalency) certification must be completed by this date. Otherwise, you will not be able to finish and you may forfeit the progress you have made.