Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council (SHLC) and Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) are proud to announce the recipient of the 2020 Lois Gray Award of Achievement will be going to Kathi Morrison.

Kathi began taking classes with Good Learning Anywhere back in October 2018. She has also been taking classes with the Peterborough Native Learning Program at the same time. Kathi is a great example of what people can achieve through blended learning with both online and face to face instruction. It requires excellent time management skills and a commitment to learning. 

Kathi was supported by Robyn Larabee from GLA and by Veronica Burton from the Peterborough Native Learning Program. Kathi was nominated for this award by Veronica and here is what she had to say in her nomination:

Kathi Morrison has been a long-time learner at the Peterborough Native Learning Program. When I first started working with Kathi as her instructor, her confidence was low but she always remained determined in her goal to get her GED. Throughout the years, Kathi has become much more than a learner in our program. She has spent countless hours volunteering her time cleaning, helping others and always being a fun, caring part of the school. 

Kathi really began to thrive as an independent learner when we signed her up for Good Learning Anywhere. With the help of her dedicated online mentor Robyn, Kathi completed countless courses such as Psychology, Introduction to Personal Support Worker and most recently, Medical Terminology. This past year, Kathi battled some very serious health issues but continued to be diligent in reaching her goals. In March 2020, after preparing for the Canadian Adult Achievement Test with her instructor (in addition to continuing with her GLA courses), Kathi was admitted into Fleming College Academic Upgrading to receive her ACE Certificate. 

She is persisting with her studies remotely, even during the COVID-19 closures, and will be admitted into the PSW program at Fleming College in September. Kathi has not only shown fierce determination in reaching her goal but has always put helping others at the top of her list. This past year working with GLA has been crucial in Kathi gaining the skills, confidence and independence in reaching her goal.

We want to congratulate Kathi for all her dedication to her learning. We also want to take a moment to thank Veronica and Robyn for their unwavering support, kindness and encouragement that will forever be a small part of Kathi’s future. Lois Gray would be extremely proud of Kathi to represent this award.