Welcome to Good Learning Anywhere’s (GLA) new website.

Over the course of this summer, we have taken the time to give the GLA program it’s own dedicated branding. We have made some significant changes to our overall look but our program and services remain the same.

As you’ll see, we have a new logo. We are very proud of this design as it includes several different elements that many people can relate to. For example, there is the open and closed circle representing motion and the flexibility for learners to enter and leave our program at different times. The circle is comprised of colours that many people can also relate to. The icon within the circle is bold and includes different elements as well. Some people might see an open book or it could be a mobile device with lined paper beside it. Some might notice the bookmark down the spine of the book. The bookmark also symbolizes an electronic way to save your favourite website…take the hint! At the top of the icon, you will see two arrows giving direction towards the book/mobile device symbolizing direction to our program. Finally, if you look at the icon as a whole, you might see the feathered tail from the end of an arrow…again, all symbolizing motion, direction, moving forward and advancement.

From a web design perspective, we have tried to simplify the website. The colours are very bold and strong. We’ve maximized the use of space with simple fonts that are easy to read with simple backgrounds. Our focus was to make this website as user-friendly as possible for our learners. We have reduced the number menu options and clicks allowing learners to simply scroll to easily find the information they’re looking for. The website is mobile responsive which will give the learner the optimal experience. For example, if a learner is viewing our site on a mobile phone or tablet, it will have a different user interface than if they were using a computer or laptop. The website will also turn with mobile devices when they’re turned vertically or horizontally.

The images of people on our website are real people. This is not paid stock photography from Internet sources. We hired professionals to take pictures of real people from the communities we work with. We have a strong understanding of who our learners relate to and we wanted to incorporate that into our design. It’s important that people feel welcome in our program and we feel the images support that goal.

We hope you enjoy the experience of our website. Please check back often as we’ll be continuing to make updates. Thank you to all our partners who were involved in turning this into a reality.