We recently received some great feedback from one of our learners named Tasha. She recently gained employment after taking classes with Good Learning Anywhere (GLA). We were so excited for her we asked her to tell us more about her experience at GLA. These are her words. Meet Tasha.

I have been taking courses through GLA for about a year. I have taken Office Administration, Medical Terminology and Principles of Health Sciences.


While taking these courses, my goal was to obtain employment in the medical field at a medical office or hospital. Since finishing these courses I have obtained full-time employment in a medical office that deals with physiotherapy, chiropractic, orthotics, compression socks and pelvic floor therapy.


During my time taking GLA courses there was so much to learn. For example, all the different types of medical terminology is crucial for a medical administration position because doctors write prescriptions and referrals to doctors and it is our job to know what they mean and send it out to the appropriate person. For example, Rx means prescription refill, CXR means chest x-ray, and F/U means follow-up.


During my time taking Office Administration, I learned the basic flow of how an office works and how to keep your desk organized. For example, keeping sticky notes on papers that are important so you can find them easily, make lists of tasks that need to be done and start at the top and move down so you are not starting one task and another then becoming severely unorganized and so much more.


These courses have helped me so much from learning medical terms, how to speak to people, understanding a patient and problem solving. There is so much to learn and I’ve recommended these courses to personal friends of mine as it’s a FREE course, you gain so much from them, and they truly help you in gaining a job. I highly suggest these courses to everybody!


We sincerely wish Tasha all the best in her new position.