Debbie started with Good Learning Anywhere in November 2017. Her goal was to improve her math skills. She has completed Math Essential Skills Level 1 in Plato and is now working on a custom math course because she really wants to learn Algebra.  We think she has made some fantastic progress since starting this course, and she plans to work on budgeting in the future. No matter what else might be going on in her life, Deb faithfully logs in to her course each week. She and her tutor set a goal of attaining Milestone 37 in the new year and she has already done that.

Deb is also a learner at Gateway Centre for Learning* in her community, and Program Coordinator, Cyndi Therrien, writes:

Deb has been a learner at Gateway Centre for Learning since 2011.


Deb aspired to write children’s books.  Deb had suffered the loss of fourteen individuals over a course of a very short time in her life.   She accepted help from practitioners. Writing for her was therapy. She wrote and illustrated 24 children’s books with the main character being her dog ‘Chico’.


Deb has overcome many challenges in her life from health, to housing and especially family.  I asked why math was so important to her. She said that originally, learning math was to assist her in selling her books.  She then found out that math in itself helped her focus as it can be frustrating at times. She is determined to keep learning math.   She has a wonderful tutor and together, they inspire each other. Holly was on vacation last year when I suggested Deb try an online math course, as she could then practice from home whenever she wanted.   At first, it was challenging. Robyn L. has been a superb online mentor and educator with her affirmations and progress emails. Deb looks forward to her weekly sessions here at Gateway but also works on math from home.   It is really nice to have a curriculum where Deb can challenge herself. She learns with her tutor and completes lessons. She likes to skip around as she finds that interesting. This Plato platform allows her to do this.


Deb works very hard to understand and learn math.   We are proud of her progress and her inspiration to those around her.

At GLA, It is Debbie’s goal setting and determination that most impresses us.  Debbie wanted to write and publish children’s books, and she has done that. She then wanted to improve on her math skills, and now she is doing that.  She is definitely an inspiration to others around her and demonstrates that we really can do anything we set our minds to.

*Gateway Centre for Learning is a literacy provider funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.  Gateway’s mission is to teach reading, writing, math and computer skills to those wishing to upgrade through one-on-one tutoring and in small groups run by professional staff and volunteers.   It is our vision to have a community where everyone has the opportunity to develop the literacy skills to live, learn and work.