Please join us in congratulating Shayuna Neshkiwe as being SHLC’s October Learner of the Month.

Shay was nominated by her mentor, Linda. Here is an excerpt of what Linda submitted to us about Shay.

In my almost 5 years of teaching at GLA, I have never had a learner as focussed, productive, goal-oriented or as fast at completing courses as Shay. I enrolled her on October 1, 2021, and 18 days later, she has completed Moodle: Anishinaabemowin Basics, Customer Service, and G1. As well, she completed the Edmentum: Essential Reading Part 1…in a day. Even if you are quick and focused, you still have to be very goal-oriented to complete any of these courses in a day. It’s impressive. 


I only know that for someone who is 20 years old, this is an impressive track record of achievement and she should be encouraged and celebrated as Learner of the Month for October 2021.

We were so thrilled to learn all these great attributes about Shay that we decided to ask Shay some questions so we could share more about her story with you.

How did you first hear about online learning with Good Learning Anywhere?

From NPAAMB (Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board).

Did you have any struggles during your learning? If so, how did you overcome them?

No, everything was easy.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting to improve their skills?

Take it and you’ll learn lots.

What is your greatest achievement? Or what accomplishment are you most proud of?

Finishing the G1 testing.

What are your goals for the future?

Going to school for landscaping.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for supporting you on this journey?

Cynthia Stone.

Is there anything else you would like to share with people about winning this award?

So happy that I won.