Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council (SHLC) and Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) are proud to announce that the recipient of the 2021 Ivy Tabobandung Award for Leadership is Nancy Trowbridge.

The Ivy Tabobandung Award for Leadership is awarded to the learner who has shown leadership in the Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) community, whether it is through online communication, classes, or in their community. This award also recognizes those who have advocated for and supported others in their goals and dreams.

Nancy began taking classes with Good Learning Anywhere back in October 2017. She has also been taking classes in the Adult Literacy Program at Cambrian College, Espanola Campus, at the same time. Nancy has been an absolute pleasure to have in our classes. We feel so lucky to have Nancy actively participating in class but also for taking a leadership role in supporting her peers.

Nancy was supported by Robyn Larabee from GLA and by Evelyn Diebel from the Adult Literacy Program at Cambrian College.  Nancy was nominated for this award by Evelyn and here is what she had to say in her nomination:

 Nancy Trowbridge has been an enthusiastic student in the Adult Literacy Program for a couple of years now. She is an important member of our virtual classroom for the past year. Her attendance is remarkable as is her demeanor. Nancy’s positiveness and patience when it comes to learning are notable. For the last year, she has become more and more comfortable with virtual learning, and she has taken advantage of the learning opportunities offered to her each and every time. Technology has become less and less of a challenge for Nancy, and she has displayed confidence towards her learning goals. She is hardworking and is always willing to help others navigate their way through online learning. She has taken on this leadership role to learn independently and to also teach others in the breakout room when they need further clarification. Nancy continuously plans ahead and has taken many courses through Good Learning Anywhere with our group and also on her own in order to gain new knowledge. It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Nancy Trowbridge for this award, as she not only has overcome challenges with a positive attitude, but she has also helped her classmates in the literacy program. She is a role model to my students (her classmates) and carries a positive outlook on life-long learning.
We want to congratulate Nancy for all her leadership and dedication. We also want to take a moment to thank Evelyn and Robyn for their unwavering support, kindness and encouragement that will forever be a small part of Nancy’s future. Ivy Tabobandung would be extremely proud of Nancy to represent this award.