Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council (SHLC) and Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) are proud to announce the recipient of the 2020 Ivy Tabobandung Award of Leadership will be going to Kelsey Murphy.

Kelsey began taking classes with Good Learning Anywhere back in September 2017. She has also been taking classes in the Adult Literacy Program at Cambrian College, Espanola Campus, at the same time. Kelsey is an absolute pleasure to have in our online classes. She has a special way of connecting with others and making people feel comfortable. She has taken a wide range of courses with GLA, both LIVE and independent. 

Kelsey was supported by Robyn Larabee from GLA and by Evelyn Diebel from the Adult Literacy Program at Cambrian College. Kelsey was nominated for this award by Evelyn and here is what she had to say in her nomination:

Kelsey has been a keen learner with Good Learning Anywhere for a number of years now within the Adult Literacy Program at Cambrian College Espanola Campus.  She has not only been successful in applying herself to her own classes, but she has also demonstrated an ability to help others in the classroom understand the ins and outs of navigating through their own online courses.  

She is kind, patient, and understanding when it comes to teaching her classmates and guiding them along their learning journey within GLA.  As an instructor, I appreciate her leadership and reliability.   I feel that Kelsey has been instrumental in helping her classmates reach their goals in my Adult Literacy classroom and merits this award.

We want to congratulate Kelsey for all her leadership and dedication. We also want to take a moment to thank Evelyn and Robyn for their unwavering support, kindness and encouragement that will forever be a small part of Kelsey’s future. Ivy Tabobandung would be extremely proud of Kelsey to represent this award.