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June Learner of Month: Catherine Allison

Congratulations Catherine Allison for being selected Good Learning Anywhere’s June Learner of the Month! Sioux – Hudson Literacy Council and the Good Learning Anywhere program have been celebrating and showcasing our learners each month. We feel it’s very important to celebrate the little things in life when really they might be bigger than what they…

Lynne S

Lynne Sparrow wins Lois Gray Award for Achievement

Congratulations to Lynne Sparrow, winner of the Lois Gray Award for Achievement. Lynne was nominated by Julie Mallon, Online Educator with Good Learning Anywhere. The Lois Gray Award for Achievement (formerly Lois Land Award) is awarded to the learner who has reached or is on their way to reaching their goal, whether it is employment, further training…


Darcy Belanger wins Ivy Tabobandung Award for Leadership

Congratulations to Darcy Belanger, winner of the Ivy Tabobandung Award for Leadership. He was nominated by Marie Belliveau the Program Director Literacy Program for the Niagara Regional Native Center in St. Catherine’s. The Ivy Tabobandung Award for Leadership is awarded to the learner who has shown leadership in the GLA learning community, whether it is through online communication and…

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