Our program is not like when you went to school. As a child in school, you worked on skills – like reading and writing, spelling and math.  Now that you are an adult, learning is different.

Adults already have many of the skills they need. Now they are interested in learning how to do things – like these kinds of tasks:

  • apply for a job

  • use a bank machine

  • fill out forms

  • send emails to friends

  • read a recipe

In our program, people learn to do tasks that are important to them.  Think about tasks that are important to YOU!

At Good Learning Anywhere, we work mostly on tasks because that’s what will help people the most.  People know that they are learning when they can do new tasks they could not do before on their own.

This way of learning is called a task-based approach. The tasks that you will work on in this program depend on your GOAL (s)!

What are goals?  What if I don’t have a goal?

Lots of people have questions about goals.  At GLA, we will talk about goals and you will choose a goal that works for you. Choosing a goal is really about deciding what you want and going for it. Coming to this program shows that, already, you think you can learn something here that will make your life better.

The next step is to figure out what that is. You need to ask yourself, “Why did I come here? What do I want?”

Your reason for coming to the program may not be the same as everyone else.  Your reason will be about what you want for yourself in the future.

People who come to GLA want different things. They tell us things like:

  • I want to get a job.

  • I want to get a better job than the one I have now.

  • I want to get my high school diploma because I can’t get a job interview if I don’t have my Grade 12.

  • I want to get into an apprenticeship program to become a welder.

  • I want to do more things for myself – like do my own banking.

Knowing what you want for the future helps you set a goal for learning. Once you have set a goal, you are on your way – on a path that will take you to your goal.

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