Pre-GED Support

With GLA, you will have your own LEARNER PLAN. Both you and your online mentor will work together to plan your learning.  You will talk together about your plan and how you are making progress as you move towards your goal. Here are some things you will talk about:

  1. Planning

    1. Choose the best Goal and Goal Path for you

    2. Make a list of tasks that you will need to be successful in your goal

    3. Plan out what you want to learn first and what will come next

  1. Get the Support You Need

    1. Let others know what your goal is and how they can help

    2. Decide who can support you best

    3. Get the right people to support you and what you are doing

  1. Track Progress

    1. Use your Learner Plan to keep track of what you are working on

    2. Attempt milestone tasks to show how you are making progress

    3. Keep samples of your best work

    4. Ask for feedback from your online mentor.
  1. Work at It!

    1. Stick with your plan

    2. Work towards your goal every day

    3. Think about the end result (what you are going to achieve)

    4. Go for it!

Reaching your goal is not always easy. Sometimes there are challenges or obstacles that get in the way.  Not everyone knows how to deal with obstacles.

Some people deal with challenges very well, but other people do not.  Sometimes people deal with challenges differently because they have different attitudes about challenges in life.

Communicate these obstacles with your online mentor to achieve your goals

Help yourself remember things:

  • Don’t worry too much. Worrying can get in the way of remembering.

  • Take notes. Write information down. Copy things from the computer.

  • Use just a few words for key points.  Don’t try to write everything the instructor is saying.

  • Underline information with a highlighter or draw a box around it.

  • Read things out loud and several times until you can say it without looking.

  • Put information into your own words.  If it comes from your own mind, you will remember it better.

  • Say things over again several times in your mind.

 What to do when you don’t know what to do:

  • Ask the instructor or your online mentor. Don’t just sit and do nothing.

  • Ask someone else.

  • Look to see if there are instructions anywhere – on your paper, or on the computer.

  • Read instructions over again slowly.  Maybe you missed something the first time.

  • Look around to see what others are doing.


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