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People who are successful all say the same things:

  • I had a goal

  • I learned what I needed to reach my goal

  • I worked hard at doing what I needed to do

  • I didn’t give up when things got hard

  • I had good people around me to help

  • I reached my goal

In this program, we can help you…

  • find a goal that’s right for you

  • learn what you need to reach your goal

  • provide you with online resources to help you achieve your goal

  • find others you may need to help you

In this program, your job is to

  • log in to your classes regularly

  • communicate with your online mentor

  • work hard

  • never give up

If we can work together like this, you can be sure you will find success!


“Competencies” is an important word to know.

Competencies are about skills, knowledge and attitudes that people use in order to do something.

Adults are busy people. There are many things they need to do every day.  There are tasks at home, tasks at work and tasks in school.

In order to do everyday tasks, people need three things:

  1. Knowledge – there are certain things they need to understand

  2. Skills – there are certain things they need to be able to do

  3. Attitudes – sometimes they need to show a certain attitude in doing a task

People can do many things if they have the right knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Competencies are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that people need to do everyday tasks.

You already have many important competencies that help you do everyday tasks.


There are six competencies that people need which you will hear about in our program.

  1. Find and use information

  2. Communicate ideas and information

  3. Understand and use numbers

  4. Use digital technology

  5. Manage learning

  6. Engage with others

In your online classes, you will perform task based activities that will include these various competencies at various levels of difficulty.

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