Types of Learners

Good Learning Anywhere offers many courses that can assist you in completing your High School diploma.


Sample Courses


Course Name:

Take a Test

Course Length:

3 Weeks

This 3-week course is designed for learners preparing to enter the secondary school path. Preparing for a test can seem overwhelming, but we will discuss how to successfully prepare you for taking a test. We will practice various techniques for studying and overcoming common barriers to successful test-taking.


Course Name:

PreGED Math

This independent learning course is for you if you are preparing to write your GED or take a GED prep course. You can start with addition and subtraction and work your way up to fractions, ratios and percents. Your mentor can help you decide where you should start.


Course Name:

PreGED Writing

This independent learning course will assist anyone who is preparing to write the GED or wants to take a GED prep course. You can start on vocabulary and work your way up to working on sentences and punctuation. Your mentor will be available to follow your progress, and answer any questions.