From Different Backgrounds

Our learners come from many different locations across Ontario. Their backgrounds are also diverse. Many learners have very little in the way of formal education. Others have a Grade 12 certificate but find they need to upgrade their skills upgrading in other areas.

From Work, School or Home

People come to Good Learning Anywhere for any number of reasons. Some are here to upgrade job skills, some to prepare for a credit or high school equivalency course, some to learn computer skills and others so they can learn to complete a variety of tasks at home, or in the community.

A Variety of Computer Experiences

For some of our learners, their first Good Learning Anywhere online course was also the first time they have used a computer. We help make it easy to take the simple steps to get them comfortable with taking classes online. Other learners are quite comfortable using computers.


Meet Ivy Tabobandung from Wasauksing First Nation

There was no time like the present when, three years ago, Ivy Tabobandung, a grandmother of three, set out to pursue her childhood dream of a career in law enforcement.


Personal Learning Goals

We can help direct you to useful courses based on your personal learning goals.