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Centra is our online classroom. This is the online learning system we use to deliver our popular LIVE online classes. Learners from across Ontario register for courses and sign in to Centra to attend their class on the date and time it is scheduled for.

Our learners have preferred the LIVE online classes for many years now. Not only are the subjects great but the instructors are fun and energetic which makes learning that more interesting. For example, we have very creative instructors who include fun task based activities with specific instructions and actions relevant to what people do in everyday life.  The Centra learning system allows us to be creative and interactive with our learners.

Features of Centra:

  • Access anywhere with a computer & Internet connection
  • Communicate via microphone & headset, text chatting, emoticons (smiley faces, raising hand, check marks…)
  • Options to use web cameras
  • Visit other websites and watch videos within Saba Centra
  • Interactive whiteboard for writing answers to questions on the computer screen
  • Several available whiteboard tools such as highlighters, pencils, stamps, text typing tool
  • Breakout Rooms for learners to work in small groups

Benefits to our learners:

  • Different learning opportunities for those in rural and remote communities
  • Allows learners to meet other learners from across Ontario
  • Builds self-confidence without pressure from a traditional classroom setting
  • Courses are recorded so they can listen to the playback
  • Develop computer skills all while learning course topic
  • Learning becomes more social
  • Online learning and computer based learning is the way of the future – keeps them up to date

It is a lot easier for us to talk about how great Centra is because we have been involved in online learning at a distance for 10 years now. So, if you are interested to see this in action through your own eyes, we encourage you to sign up for an Introduction to Centra class on Wednesday November 6th at 10:30 am EST. Click here to Register online.

Click on the two images below to get a closer look at what Centra looks like in the Browser and Desktop versions

We hope to see you in class!

Attend Browser Attend Desktop'
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