Introduction to Accounting & Medical Terminology

We are pleased to announce that we have two brand new courses to offer learners – Introduction to Accounting & Medical Terminology. Both courses are offered through the Plato online learning system which means they are always available when you are. These courses are great for people looking to explore career options, learn some of the basics before committing to a college level program and/or apply this information at their current place of employment.

Learners taking these courses should have basic mental math skills, basic computer skills, good reading skills, and an ability to understand new concepts and process that information. Please note there are small references to American information. We do not offer credits.

Click on the course titles below to review the course outlines.

Introduction to Accounting

Course topics include: accounting principles, bookkeeping, accounting cycle, payroll accounting, understanding financial statements, ethics and much more!

Medical Terminology

Course topics include: structure of medical terms, abbreviations, symbols, body systems, diseases, medical procedures, career options, ethical responsibilities, communication, teamwork and much more!

If you are new to GLA, please click here to register for these courses. If you are already enrolled with GLA, please contact your online mentor.

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