October Learners of Month: Eric & Jennifer

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Jennifer and Eric Tennant are the very first learners to earn the title of Learner of the Month together. They enrolled in Good Learning Anywhere a month ago while attending the MNO – Job Readiness program from North Bay.

For two weeks, Jennifer worked live from 9-12 in Saba with us, and in the afternoons, she worked independently from her Contact North site. Not only did she totally “rock” Job Readiness by completing every task assigned by her instructors, she was also able to complete Money Matters, Customer Service, Getting a Jump on Healthy Living in Moodle, and Medical Terminology in record fashion (13 hours). Jennifer has completed Be Your Own Boss and is working on Professional Photography.

Eric Tennant (Jennifer’s partner) has also been a superstar since starting with us in MNO-Job Readiness. He too completed every task assigned and was a great addition to the live learning environment! Eric has also completed Be Your Own Boss where he was an enthusiastic participant and an effective communicator. After completing Money Matters, Customer Service and Getting a Jump on Healthy Living in record time, Eric is currently working on the Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance courses.

They were both super strong academically and two of the most committed and motivated students I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. But for me, what really makes them serious Learner of the Month contenders is all of the non-academic qualities they brought to class. The academic portion was fairly easy for them actually, yet they didn’t drift off out of boredom and remained completely engaged. They were huge contributors to every class discussion/brainstorm and their general attitude was super positive in each class.

                                                                            ~GLA Online Instructor Stephanie Park

What advice do you have for someone thinking about upgrading their skills?

Eric: Well I’m a forty-year old father of four teenagers. So, what is my advice to anyone thinking about upgrading their skills?  Well it’s never too late. I was working full time for the last 17 years in the restaurant industry and in April of this year I suffered a life-altering illness that has made me unable to hold a regular job. I heard of the Good Learning Anywhere Courses from Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council. After taking a break and recovering I decided that I would like to open a small business so I started looking into what courses that were offered.

Jennifer: My advice for somebody that is looking to upgrade their skills is to Do it while you can. You’re never too old to start. I am 32 and I’ve done this twice now and I’ve learned more this time than I did 5 years ago when I did some of these courses. Take your time and enjoy learning new things.

How did you start? Did you face any struggles?

Eric: I met with the local office of the Métis Nation of Ontario Office in North Bay. I filled an intake form out and then started the classes. I would have to say my biggest struggle would have to been trying to relearn the newer computer things and I also suffer from Social Anxiety so having to go to classeveryday with new people was the hardest struggle but after the first couple of weeks I can now say that I have four new friends.

Jennifer: When I started I thought, you know what, I’ve already done this course once. It doesn’t matter.  I can, I’m good and at theend I know more than I did before. Also, I have an awesome Mentor that has helped me learn tons of stuff. She has opened up a world that I never thought was possible. I think I’ve done six courses, my grades aren’t as great as I would like them too be but at least I know where I’m at when I want to go back to school.

What is your greatest achievement?

Eric: I would say my greatest achievement would be my success at completing the courses that bring me closer to my goals I have met two very fantastic and caringpeople in this wide ride. They are my mentor Jami Clouthier and Stephanie Park. They are always willing to give you advice or just willing to listen to what you are looking for in courses.

Jennifer: My greatest achievement is actually just completing it. I didn’t care about what my marks are or anything like that I just wanted to feel accomplished getting everything done and every time I finished one thing I was ready for another course and it’s been one after another and I’m loving it because I can do it on my own time.  If I don’t feel like doing it in class I can go home and do it.  If I can’t sleep I can just get up and do the course for a little bit and go back to bed if I need to.

What are your goals for the future?

Eric: My goal for the future is to open my own small business so that I can have a job where I am in control of my own stress levels. And I know that by owning my own company would leave something of a financial future from my children.

Jennifer: Personally, my goals are to hopefully go back to school for some business management and also some medical and I also am looking at opening up a business for myself in photography and also a business with my husband in whatever thing he wants to do.

Good Learning Anywhere would like to congratulate Jennifer and Eric on their hard work and well-deserved recognition as the October Learners of the Month. We look forward to hearing about their business in the coming years and know together these two will work hard to make their dreams come true.

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