December Learner of Month: Lanell Majeki

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Congratulations Lanell Majeki for being selected Good Learning Anywhere’s December Learner of the Month!

Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and the Good Learning Anywhere program have been celebrating and showcasing our learners each month. When Lanell was notified that she won this award, she was very excited to say the least. Here is a copy of her response back to us.

My name is Lanell Mejaki, I am 25 years old, and I am from Wikwemikong; located on Manitoulin Island. Just to let you know: it’s such a beautiful village with friendly faces. Luckily for me, I’ve been married for a little over a year to a wonderful man who has supported me through every step of my many journeys. Also, I am very honored and pleased to be nominated as Good Learning Anywhere Learner of the Month for December. My parents didn’t know I was taking these courses so when I told them about this award they were genuinely surprised and proud: as am I.

For someone thinking about upgrading their skills I say congratulations. You are on a path to bettering yourself and that is to be respected and honored. I say if you are thinking about it: Do it. There is something in your heart, mind and soul that is bringing the thought to you, therefore, please yourself by taking your own inner advice and go on with upgrading your skills! You will definitely thank yourself afterwards for giving yourself such a great opportunity.

So, here I was – all set to start college this past September, because I had already been accepted; However, I was disappointed when I couldn’t find a place to live. So, I had to cancel my application and my tuition payment and was left feeling upset. Then, I decided to seek employment and ended up working part-time at our local Adult Education Department – as an assistant. That’s where I was told about Contact North and GLA. Later that evening, I looked up the website I was given and went through the course catalog and thought to myself, “Wow, a lot of these courses might be good prep for me for next semester, when I apply again to college.” I contacted GLA and sent in an application for eight different courses. At first, I knew I could handle this workload having a part-time job: No problem. However, I was suddenly transferred to our local Administration Office where I started as a full time staff the day after my first GLA class. I was panicked and upset because I thought to myself, “Well, I’m happy I received full-time employment, but I really, really, really wanted to take these courses as my prep for school!” I talked it over with my new supervisor who said it would be okay to still take my classes, because she is a firm believer in furthering education. And so, I thought the problem had been sorted through. However, it was not easy having to sit at work to listen to the class while I still had my assigned office work to do. At one point, I had to attend three meetings in one week and attended two workshops, had two PartyLite shows, a signing ceremony, a doctors appointment, and my boss was out of the office; on top of that I had missed all three classes that week. Thus, I had almost 6 hours worth of class to listen to and assignments from each class. I felt overwhelmed by my workplace and by my courses that week, but I pulled up my socks and dug myself out of that place where I almost gave up on my job and education.

My greatest achievement in life is changing my attitude. I wasn’t always such an enthusiastic and caring individual. One day I was reflecting on myself and thought, “I should change this. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere.” First, I decided I would finish my education, because I didn’t complete my grade 12. I did this through Cambrian College’s ACE Program. I managed to get through there in six months and got my name on the Dean’s Honor Roll and the President’s Honor Roll. Now, that was a great success for me and my family. Next, I started going to many workshops and volunteering my time because it made me feel really good inside to be a part of my community and to help others. In the end, I have transformed myself from a selfish and careless person to a happy and responsible individual. I feel as though this is my greatest achievement.
My future goal is to attend Cambrian College for Business Administration or Accounting in September 2014. I will get there this time and let nothing stand in my way! I value education more than anything. Because, in the end, we are ALL continuously learning. Learning is a lifelong process, and if you can’t enjoy it, then what’s the use? It ‘s always going to occur in life so you might as well love it, and keep learning!
I want to thank GLA and all my instructors for having me as a student. I had such a great time in class, even though I didn’t have a mic the entire time, because I was always at work! My teachers never got to hear my voice, but I managed to participate every chance I got. The instructors were very thorough and very professional in their field and I am very proud to have been their student.
Please join us in congratulating Lanell. Her story comes with great inspiration and motivation for many adults currently working in our program.  Way to go Lanell! Best of luck with your future goals and dreams.'
Author: warrenbbutler