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Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Park, and I’m an online instructor/mentor with Good Learning Anywhere. It is with the greatest of pleasures and huge excitement that I get to introduce you to the winner of our annual Lois Gray Award for Achievement– Henry Migwans!!!


The Lois Gray Award for Achievement is awarded to the learner who has reached or is on their way to reaching their goal, whether it is employment, further training or education.  We also consider learners who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives to become successful adult learners. This award is now sponsored by Fresh Market Foods in Sioux Lookout. We want to thank Todd & Tracey for their generous support of this award and their commitment to life long learning and adult education.



Henry is a truly amazing and inspiring individual. He has overcome great challenges in his life to get on this track of success. He is extremely thankful for his supportive and caring partner and is motivated to continue on this positive life path for himself, his partner and their adorable young daughter.


I first met Henry when he signed up for the Job Readiness (JR) Program. The JR program is one of our most intense programs as it is 3 weeks long and learners must be online every morning for 3 hours each day. We use multiple software platforms and the pace is fairly demanding. From Day 1, Henry stood out. He was always a very positive person and so friendly to me and all of the other learners in the class. His participation in class discussions was always wonderful and his willingness to help and encourage other learners was really outstanding. Needless to say, he rocked the heck out of that program! So when he then signed up for the Post-Secondary Readiness Program, which is also a 3 week intensive course, I was very excited to have him as a part of that group too!


Just when I think I couldn’t be prouder of Henry, then he emails me with one of his amazing updates, and makes me even more proud of him. A stand out moment was near the end of the PSR program. He told me that when he signed up for the second course, he hadn’t really given much thought about ever going on to Post-Secondary education and that he mostly just signed up for the course because he enjoyed the JR one so much and figured it couldn’t hurt to continue to learn new skills.


However, by taking the PSR program and learning about all of the options that are out there, it got Henry thinking and during the course, he actually filled out and sent in an application to a college program! I was thrilled when I received the email from him saying that he was accepted!!! He finished the PSR program on April 29th, and started his new college program on May 10th. Amazing. 🙂


It was super easy to nominate Henry for this award! I mean, Henry is pretty much the dream learner. We always hope that when learners join us that they of course obtain some new skills. However, for me, it’s even more important that they have a positive experience that will inspire them to continue their learning, to set more goals and reach those ones too! Henry is the perfect example of this. And now he’s like a MACK truck because nothing is going to get in between him achieving all of his goals.


I strongly feel there are no limits for where Henry can go now. He is one of the most passionate, motivated learners I’ve had the pleasure to know. I can’t begin to imagine where all of that good energy is going to take him. However, I can attest to the fact that it will land him some place great and that he will only continue to make us and all of those around him proud to know him.

In Henry’s own words:

It boils down to hard work, consistency, patience, perseverance, and remember to never give up. Life is good!

Henry is doing just fantastic in the Criminal Psychology and Behaviour program at Conestoga College. He is learning a lot of new skills, finding it really interesting and is grateful for the opportunity. We could not be prouder of him and all of his achievements.

A huge congratulations goes out to Henry Migwans for being such an exemplary learner and human being. Keep on reaching for the stars, Henry!

We all have the potential to do anything in our life. We need to just make that choice and work hard to make it happen. It is all about staying focused on the main goal to improve the quality of your life. ~ Henry Migwans'
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    Alex maloney Posted on October 5, 2016 at 9:13 am

    Congratulations Henry, I knew you had it in you to be successful.